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Throughout the year, the Celtic Cafe has produced great artists, painters and creators
and you can view their works on this page.

Most of their works can be downloaded for your own use, however unless otherwise indicated,
permission must first be obtained from the author of the work.

To view their works, simply click on the image and the corresponding link.

Dani's Montages
We first saw Dani's montages early this year when she first created the Michael Flatley montage (featured on the left). From then on, she has created numerous montages featuring other Irish dancers like Daire Nolan and Bernadette Flynn, as well as the duo, Secret Garden.

Jadiee's Web Art
I first discovered Jadiee's web creations while surfing on the net and her images are still the best there is! Surreal and magical, they are also available in sets for your webpage creations! The Celtic Cafe houses some of the wallpapers, like the one featured on the left, which you can download into your computers.

Petra's Art Gallery
Petra's love for painting was rekindled when she discovered Lord of the Dance and her painting of the same theme are featured in the Celtic Cafe. We first featured her paintings as part of Michael Flatley's birthday book on July 1999 and for Christmas, she adds four more creations, one of which is featured on the left, to which Petra asks, "Can you hear the music?"
After The Celtic Cafe featured Petra's artwork, she has been asked to do showings in her hometown! Congratulations!


For fans of Lord of the Dance, this page is for you! Featuring backgrounds for use in your own pages, you can download the background file straight into your hard drive!

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