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This is our main list, the largest on the Web for fans of Irish dance and Celtic music

The purpose of this list is to connect Irish dance and Celtic music fans all over the world, keeping list members informed about various events, musical groups, and dance shows like Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames, Riverdance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground, Gaelforce Dance, Spirit of the Dance, Rhythm of the Dance, To Dance on the Moon, etc. We encourage discussion of books as well, and in fact, anything that involves "Celtic culture" is welcome for discussion on the list.

We all have "companion lists for various Irish dance shows, where the discussion tends to be more intensive than that found on the main, more generalized Celtic Cafe mail list. Click on any of the following which are of interest to you. The description of each list is on their respective YahooGroups home pages.


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The purpose of the main Celtic Cafe YahooGroups mail list is to link Irish dance and Celtic music fans from all over the world. The smaller, "country-specific" ones are to do the same thing, only on a smaller, more personal scale, and most of the these will usually be in the language of the originating country.

These will be in addition to, not a substitute for, a subscription to the main list,, which is for general discussion of Irish dance or Celtic music, books, etc., of interest to most of us, no matter where we live. The smaller lists can be used for such things as connecting up with those who are geographically close with the possibilities of arranging gatherings at these events, etc.

All the mail lists are to foster information, entertainment and friendship. Please join those which interest you, won’t you? :-) Your e-mail address will not be used for spam or anything like that! And you can choose a variety of subscription modes, including the Digest, which means you get only one e-mail a day containing any sent that day, or the "No Mail - Web Only" mode -- you can read the messages online at Join us! :-)

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YES! We have a Celtic Cafe RUSSIA mail list!!

For information about the budding Celtic music scene there, read Sean O’Brien’s write-up about his experience being part of that country’s first Irish band. Unusual name for someone living in Moscow? Well, his great grandfather came from Ireland. Check out Sean and "Puck and Piper’s" website.

Sean writes: The situation with Celtic music in Russia is quite strange - in the same row are The Dubliners and Ronan Hardiman, Clancy Bros. and Enya, Clannad's "Dulaman" and "Landmarks," The Chieftains and The Cranberries. The cause of such a situation is clear - the stong flood of the tapes and CD’s with Celtic (especially Irish) music appeared in Russia only in the beginning of the ’90s, so all of the best what was created since the end of ’50s have been received by Russian audience as a homogeneous mass. The exception was only The Pogues - Russian punks were respecting that band already in ’80s.

But the most interesting thing is to watch the extension of the Russian collectives performing that kind of music. So... First of all it's necessary to note that one of the only known in the West Russian bands "Aquarium" with their leader Boris Grebenschikov used the Celtic tunes in their original compositions. I remember the intervew with Boris on SNC radio station where he proclaimed that one of his favorite bands is The Chieftains and the broadcasting of The Chieftains' compositions followed after that. That was 1990 and that was STEP ONE.

In 1994 I was already "infected" with Irish Traditional Music (ITM) and I asked my friend Yury Andreychuk (remember that name!), who was a radio DJ for traditional music programs, to tell me if he knows any Moscow band playing that music. He answered me that there is one band PUCK & PIPER by name and he can take me to one of their rehearsals. Soon after I've met Timoor Rafiev who was playing folk-rock being impressed by Jethro Tull and Silly Wizzard. Vladimir Lazerson (that's the wonderful man who needs a special article about him!) who is the unique multi-instrumentalist, joined the band that time, I was invited too. The music became more traditional, but the influence of folk-rock is noticed till nowadays.

Here's the stuff we were playing then: Molly Malone, Whiskey in the Jar, Carolan's Welcome, Scottish pipe-drumings, Rattlin' Bog, Rocky Road To Dublin, Dirty Old Town, etc... We were the only ones and were invited to all of Irish pubs' parties, St. Patrick's parades, Guinness presentations... 'Twas great, that's the time I felt in love with Guinness and that was STEP TWO.

Things happen, and I had to leave PUCK & PIPER (for being back 4 or 5 times later)... That was the eve of 1995. And Yury Andreychuk took my place then. But not for a long time - together with one of P&P's fiddlers Igor Burmistrov he created a new project - SLUA SÍ (SHEE). The band was playin' the same music, but maybe more traditional and more romantic and patriotic. I'm not sure now, but in 1996 St. Patrick's show "St. Patrick was a Gentleman" was their appearance. Before them there was playing unknown band TELENN GWAD.

They were playing the very different, more bardish Welsh music. That was STEP THREE.

In 1997 the Russian-Celtic Society was created. All of Celtic Music festivals in Moscow were held by them. At the same time SLUA SÍ were devided to SLUA SÍ with Yuriy Andrechuk as a head and to SÍ MHOR with Vladimir Lazerson with some of the rest SLUA SÍ musicians. SLUA SÍ progresses in performing more and more patriotic theme, presents its new program "Meeting with people," holds some unsuccessful experiments with Irish dances show... They took part in the First Celtic Music Festival with a very special guest Roy Gallwin from Ireland. And they keep meeting with people till nowadays... In 1998 Timoor Rafiev of P&P buys a uilleann pipe (with the help of Dave Spillane by the way), and starts to use it in concerts and studio sessions. That was STEP FOUR.

So, here is the short observe of what is happening in Russia now. I'm sure that it's quite unusual that no one performs some electronic versions of Celtic Music, but I think that we need to pass a way that the West did since ’50s til ’90s at first, and we are passing that way with HUGE STEPS. And maybe already next year I will inform you about some new Russian Ronan Hardiman...

And here is the list of the foreign musicians that have visited Moscow and St.Petersburgh during the last four years

1. The Lionhearts (UK) - playin' ITM;

2. The Bedlamhowe (Scotland) - playin' ITM and Scottish Traditional Music (STM);

3. The Beggarmen Row (Scottland) - playin' ITM and STM;

4. Roy Gallwin (Ireland) - playin' ITM.

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