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Evelyn DVD comes out on April 15th, 2003!

The Special Edition DVD boasts two featurettes including “The Story Behind The Story,” during which Brosnan, writer Paul Pender, and producer Beau St. Clair explain how the true story of Evelyn Doyle became a feature film. The “making-of” featurette contains in-depth cast interviews with Brosnan, Margulies, Quinn, Rea, Bates and Sophie Vavasseur, and behind-the-scenes footage. Other special features include an audio commentary with director Bruce Beresford, an audio commentary with Brosnan and St. Clair, a photo gallery and the original theatrical trailer.

EVELYN is a true story of family, love and courage.

This moving, humorous and inspiring film is about real-life hero Desmond Doyle, played by Pierce Brosnan, and his young children, Evelyn, Maurice, and Dermot. Struggling to raise his kids alone in Ireland in 1953, Doyle is devastated when the power of the Church and the Irish courts takes his children away and put them in orphanages. Vowing to reunite his family, he enlists the help of his friends and together they attempt to do what has never been done before – challenge a law before the Irish Supreme Court. Doyle’s fight to keep his family intact becomes an uplifting testament to a father’s love and the power of the human spirit.

Known to most of us as James Bond, blockbuster movie roles like that enabled Pierce Brosnan to create a production company, Irish DreamTime, with Beau St. Claire in order to develop works that are artistically and culturally challenging. He gives his character of Doyle warmth and humor, a man who loves his children and would do anything to protect them.

Directed by Bruce Bereford, some of Evelyn's stars include acclaimed actors such as Alan Bates, Stephen Rea, Aidan Quinn, Julianna Margulies and John Lynch. Nine-year-old newcomer Sophie Vavasseur stars as Evelyn. Shot in Ireland from a script by Paul Pender, the film opens in more theaters in North America on December 25th, a "perfect family film" to enjoy over the holidays. Visit the official site at mgm.com/evelyn to view the trailer, learn about the making of the film, send an e-card, or download some desktop wallpapers. See the "Related Links" at the bottom of the page to learn even more.

Pierce Brosnan wrote in a letter dated October 2002 about this labor of love, Evelyn:

"The script for Evelyn came to Beau and myself when we first started our company, Irish DreamTime, in 1996.

Over the next five years, we went on to produce The Nephew and The Thomas Crown Affair, but all the while we kept Evelyn in our hearts.

We were finally set to make the movie after I finished my next Bond adventure (Die Another Day). I had enlisted Bruce Beresford (who directed me in Mister Johnson in Nigeria twelve years prior) but he also had another film to do first. As chance would have it, Bruce's project fell apart and we at Irish DreamTime had the same fate with one of ours. So we went to Ireland in the Autumn of 2001 to make Evelyn at last.

Within weeks, the tragedy of September 11th happened. Paralysis set into the heart of every community in the world. In this time of pain, confusion and fear, we set our sights on making this special film. I think every man and woman who worked on the project found some comfort from the harsh reality of this terrible time. We were making a film about family, the love and courage it sometimes takes to make a family. The story had a heartfelt meaning to it that we all could relate to and, above all else, most importantly, it had humor.

It allowed me as an actor, for the first time in a long while, a chance to play emotional beats that I felt has been lacking from my work. And I also had a crack at singing. Thanks to the fine encouragement and coaching of Ken O'Malley and Des Regan who helped me find "my voice." I thank you for that gift.

And to Stephen Endelman who was a champion from the first meeting we ever had -- thank you."

Stephen Endelman and Music from the Evelyn Motion Picture

Remarkable musician and composer Stephen Endelman lends his talents in multiple ways to the soundtrack. His works have ranged from the rich orchestral score for The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill, But Came Down A
to his minimalist, modern score for the comedy Flirting With Disaster. He penned a new song "Angel Eyes" especially for Evelyn, performed by the ethereal Norwegian vocalist Sissel who the Associated Press recently called "a lyric soprano." No stranger to the world of film, Sissel was also featured on the blockbuster Titanic soundtrack, and has just released her self-titled U.S. debut on Decca Records. The Nobel Peace Prize Concert will be broadcast on A&E in the U.S. on Friday, January 10, 2003 from 7-9 p.m. and will include songs performed by various musical artists -- including The Prayer sung as a duet by Sissel and Josh Groban. Endelman also composed the original music that so dramatically lends itself to the emotional tone of the film, while also acting as orchestrator and conductor. Drawing inspiration from many aspects of life, he composes for film, opera, and a variety of other musical collaborations covering a wide range of genres. His past film projects include the score for Bride of the Wind, as well as collaborating with Robert DeNiro on the music for "A Bronx Tale." Currently, he is re-teaming with Evelyn director, Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy) on their third collaboration, Pancho Villa, due for release on HBO in early 2003.

In addition to Endelman's original music, The Decca soundtrack features "Sitting On Top Of The World" sung by multiple Grammy® winner Van Morrison. A legendary singer and songwriter, Morrison released Down The Road on Universal Records earlier this year. The Evelyn soundtrack CD includes two traditional Irish songs, "On the Banks Of The Roses" and "The Parting Glass," performed by Pierce Brosnan. From the Roger Ebert Film Review:

""Evelyn" depicts Irish society of 50 years ago with a low-key cheerfulness that shows how humor cut through the fog of poverty. The Irish in those days got much of their entertainment in pubs, which often had a lounge bar with a piano and an array of ready singers, and it is a true touch that Desmond Doyle takes a turn with a song (Brosnan does his own singing, no better but no worse than a competent pub singer)."

The CD was released on November 26, 2002 From Decca Records/UMG Soundtracks, and samples can be heard by clicking here.

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