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The mission of the Celtic Cafe website, mailing lists, chatrooms and message boards is to promote Irish dance, Celtic music, books, etc among our large and ever-growing community of folks from all over the world. We are non-commercial and non-profit. We have many correspondents/contributors who share their passion and make the Celtic Cafe what it is. It is a labor of love for each of us.

The affiliate programs you see on the site were set up to bring some monetary compensation to the original webmaster, and if you value our site for the resource center it is, please support it by choosing to purchase items through our links to sites such as Amazon.com (for example) rather than going directly to the sites themselves.

Please join us by joining the Celtic Cafe mail lists on Yahoo Groups, particularly our main one which is for general information about Irish dance, Celtic music, etc. You can subscribe in the regular message mode, Digest mode, or “Web Only No Mail” mode (read the messages online) and your e-mail address will not be used for spam or the like. The main Celtic Cafe mail list is the best link to the Celtic Cafe community in general.

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That will lead to chatrooms, message boards and other mail lists that might be of specific interest to you. Please do join us in what has become a most wonderful online Celtic community, won’t you?

Important notice: Material featured in the Celtic Cafe and associated lists is either original or submitted to us by our contributors, readers and members. All material is accepted without payment or compensation and is, to our knowledge, in the public domain, with the exception of those contributors who have provided their copyright notices to the Celtic Cafe. The Celtic Cafe does not condone, nor will we willingly engage in, copyright infringement. We at the Celtic Cafe make reasonable effort to ensure that no material copyrighted by others is included on our site. If you find material to which you have a copyright claim, please let us know and we will remove it immediately.

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