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Epidemic of Joy
Angel Light
Happy Are The Mercifull
Happy Are The Oppressed
Happy Are The Peace Makers
Irish Lace
Irish Gold
Irish Mist
Irish Whiskey
Fall From Grace
Contract With An Angel
Lord Of The Dance
Bishop & The Three Kings:Blackie At The Sea
Bishop At Sea
Angel Fire
Contract With An Angel
All About Women
Furthermore:Memories of a Parish Priest
Book Of Irish-American Blessings & Prayers
Younger Than Springtime
Starbright!: A Christmas Story
A MidWinter's Tale

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Fr. Andrew Greeley

He’s exposed millions of people to the themes of sin, grace and redemption, and left them clamoring for more with his numerous novels. At 71, Father Andrew Greeley is not about to let his audience down as he continues to write about 5,000 words a day and admits to having about four to five novels "percolating" in his head.

Andrew M. Greeley, a Catholic priest and a sociologist, is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Ireland in Dublin. He divides his time between teaching at the University of Chicago and the University of Arizona at Tucson.

Click here to orderGreeley has over 40 novels under his belt, a great accomplishment for a man who remains a priest in good standing in the Chicago archdiocese although he has recently retired. He also writes for the Chicago Sun Times Daily Suntown.

Lambasted by the Catholic Church for the themes of his novels, Greeley nonetheless continues to write, saying that readers have developed better respect for the clergy and the church, as well as faith in their religion after reading his novels.

Greeley started writing novels in the belief that America’s increasingly literate, affluent Catholic population represented an underserved market for popular fiction. "I had no idea how many people were going to read the books. I certainly wasn’t writing for a vast audience. I was writing the kind of stories I would like to read," Greeley says.

Click here to orderGreeley says his best novel is Irish Mist, although he adds that he always thinks the latest one is the best. Among his favorites, he lists Patience of a Saint, Lord of the Dance and A Midwinter’s Tale.

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