A Love Story

Dermot of the Love Spot,
he was, though Diarmuid was his name
bearing a spot hidden beneath
such long and thick mane.
That should a maiden spy such a mark
upon his broad and sun-drenched brow
she would instantly fall in love with him,
not knowing exactly when, where,
or how.

And so it was on her wedding day
to the brave Fionn MacCumhal, her mate
Diarmuid, son of a fairy king, doomed
by a boar to his death, as dictated by Fate
chanced upon the fair bride-to-be
with a lock suddenly blown out of place
And the beautiful Grainne, speechless in her seat,
found herself staring at his face.

Falling in love, as Diarmuid's destiny dictated--
that which cannot be denied,
Grainne found herself falling for her guest
the very day Fionn's heart died
And while her sleeping potion lulled
even the bravest men to sleep
Diarmuid and Grainne slipped away
with only their own love to keep.

Seven years of fleeing from the wrath
of Fionn MacCumhall, denied of his bride
Grainne and Diarmuid would have ran and ran
till the day they both died.

But it would not be so, for Fate needed
to run its unaltered course
For an enchanted boar bearing a foster brother's
soul wandered Eire through some
magical force
to lead Diarmuid to his death, spurred on
by the angry Fionn, the groom
No pardon, though granted by the Tuatha de Danaan
could lead Diarmuid away from his doom.

But such a tale is not one of lost love,
so fear not, but remember
The lovely Grainne and the brave Diarmuid
they shall live on forever, always together.

And when restless hearts know not the strength
the ties that bind them
truly are
Look to Diarmuid and Grainne and see---
For true love, nothing was ever
too far.

By V.E.Durano