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Friends of the Celtic Cafe!

The Celtic Cafe chatroom is always alive with friends
from around the world and here you'll see their webpages for yourself!
Click on the button to the left of the website name and allow yourself
to be transported to their world!

To find more pages featured at the Celtic Cafe, click here!

Andrea's of Italy Website
click here to visit Clan Cavanaugh Angus and Ancalime's Clan Cavanaugh Web Site (Germany)
click here to check out Brad's Photo Compilation! Brad's Celtic Cafe Photo Compilation
Best in the Web!  Troupe I photo gallery Bruce and the Gent Gang's Troupe I Photo Gallery (Best on the Web!)
Claus, Fool of the Hill Homepage
Click here to visit Daniel's Hungarian Home Page Daniel's Hungarian Home Page
Don Dorcha''s Turret Don Dorcha, the Dark Lord
click here to learn about Indigo's Chat Abreviations! Indigo's Chat abbreviations! J
Click here to check out Iris' Celtic Paradise Iris' Celtic Paradise
Isracelt IsraCelt's Site
Jason's Riverdance Page! Jason's Riverdance Site (Best on the Web!)
Jen Smith's Gillian Norris Site
Karin and Brian's Site Karin and Brian's Excellent LOTD and Cafe Friends Site
Karoly's site! Karoly's Hungarian Home Page
Kimberley's Unofficial Rankins Site
Kiddy's Corner
Marcel's European LOTD tourdates Marcel's LOTD Troupe I Tourdates for Europe
Marnix's Codes for the Celtic Cafe Marnix's Codes for the Celtic Cafe Page
Matti's Silentium Band Home Matti's "Silentium" Band Homepage
Mike and Cristel's Celtic Cafe photo gallery Mike and Cristel's Celtic Cafe Photo Gallery
Patrick II and Laura's Home Page Patrick II and Laura's Home Page
Patrick I's Lord of the Dance site Patrick I's Dutch Lord of the Dance Site
Rua's Realm

Rua's Realm

Srocha's Dancer of the Week site Sorcha's Riverdance Dancer of the Week site!
Awaken the Lord of the Dance Velvet's Awaken the Lord of the Dance
Wendy's South African Site Wendy's South African Site
Yvonne of Sweden/Norway's Site

If you'd like to add your site to our list, please email us!

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