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The official Celtic Cafe page began on May 11, 1999 although the chatroom began way before that. Since then, many things have happened at the Celtic Cafe and here is just a sampling...

Early in May 1999, Bernadette got more than 50 people from the Celtic Cafe chatroom to go to Rotterdam to watch Lord of the Dance. On August 1999, we covered the movie premiere of The Thomas Crown Affair in Beverly Hills and we have the photos to prove it! Irishman Pierce Brosnan was definitely great in the movie, and so was his beautiful costar, Renee Russo.

In August, the Featured Writer of the Month was born! We've featured Maeve Binchy, Morgan Llywellyn, J.K. Rowling, Fr. Andrew Greeley and young adult mystery writer Nancy Monaghan, to name a few!

Thanks to our many volunteers and contributors, the Celtic Cafe has become the best site for the latest in Celtic-related news. From our Feet Of Flames coverage to Alex's up-to-date Tourdates, the Celtic Cafe strives to bring you only the best news and features.

1999 also marked the beginning of audio greetings by performers like Daire Nolan, Natalie MacMaster, Maire Brennan, Riverdance's Breandan de Gallai and more! Visit our Sound Byte Page to listen in!

Before 1999 ended, the Celtic Cafe was featured by Courtenay Martin in San Antonio Life! In March 2000, Access Magazine rated the Celtic Cafe a 3 out of 4 stars as one of the best cybercafes online! Even the world's first virtual newscaster, Ananova, checked out our website in March! Click here to go to our Media page and see what everyone has to say about the Celtic Cafe!

In April this year, we covered The Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas premiere to take pictures of Scotsman Alan Cumming (his interview appears in our June 2000 launching of our Scotland and Highland Dance pages!) and one of Irish American Magazine's 50 most influential people of the year, Rosie O'Donnell. The premiere benefited O'Donnell's For All Kids Foundation, which helps under privileged children.

Respected writer Earle Hitchner's articles can also be found in the Celtic Cafe! He is one of our contributing writers and we're honored to have him on our site! In the world of Irish dance, Irish Dancing Magazine has the latest news and you can check out some of their articles and subscribe to their magazine right here!

Beginning June 2000, we have also launched our Scotland and Highland Dance pages, where you can find Dancer Magazine columnist Loraine Ritchey's articles about Highland Dance. Don't forget to take a peek at Mindy's Book Bag for the latest reviews of Celtic related fiction! You can also add to her great reviews and tell her about your favorite books!

From one Celtic Cafe Onelist, we now have country-specific onelists (or eGroups) and lists dedicated to Irish Dancers and Michael Flatley. Click on the link below or enter your email address to sign up!

We now have Country-Specific Onelists! Please click here for more information or enter your email address below!

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For great graphics, you can check out Graphics by Jadiee. You can use her graphics on your own sites as well! We've also had the pleasure of having Dani's great montages here at the Celtic Cafe! In July, Petra of Germany sent us copies of her paintings depicting Michael Flatley and Lord of the Dance, and in December, she followed up with more paintings which you can view here!

Ever wondered how some of the Celtic Cafe visitors sounded like? Well, you can go to the Sound Gallery to find out! For those of you wishing to learn Gaelic, check out our Gaelic language pages as well, where you can check out online classes on this ancient language. The Gaelic language page is also featured in the Celtic Cafe Bookstore which includes works by Frank McCourt, Maeve Binchy and more! Search for your favourite Music!

Do look around the Celtic Cafe website and let us know what you think. Check out our Cafe Friends and visit their sites! We also have Celtic Links, thanks to Kim Kristensen.

So enjoy your stay at the Celtic Cafe and drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you!

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Text and photographs courtesy of Velvet and Studio Foam Shop for the Celtic Cafe.
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