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If you've found articles, photos and compiled material within our pages that you would like to feature in your own sites, please email Bernadette, Alex or Velvet prior to doing so. Your email must also contain information regarding the destination of the information you are seeking to present for your own use. This will include website addresses or url. Articles and material are featured on The Celtic Cafe with written consent or permission from its authors.

The purpose of copyright is "to promote the progress of science and the useful arts". This premise has allowed the Celtic Cafe to grow each day, with the dedication of its volunteers, friends and benefactors.

With the advent of the Internet, these copyright rules are further challenged and we at the Celtic Cafe believe that works presented within our site are protected by copyright, if at least, to protect the integrity of the people who contribute to it. Works that appear within the Celtic Cafe are produced with hard work, perseverance, integrity and personal dedication.

The Celtic Cafe regularly provides tour schedules obtained and compiled from various sources, whether on the internet or from the actual venues themselves. These lists may not be subject to the copyright laws but should you choose to present Celtic Cafe compiled tourdates, we simply request that you credit the compiler and/or the Celtic Cafe of the tour schedules or listings.

When you link to the Celtic Cafe, please include one of our banner or buttons featured below. To save the button to your hard drive, position your mouse over the desired button or icon and right-click for the drop down menu. Choose "Save Image as..."

The html codes are also included. Simply cut and paste within your html document and you're on your way! Thanks!

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