Farrell's Broth of Irish Americana

Review of Farrell's Irish Papers by Professor Steven G. Farrell

World Audience Publishers of New York City has recently released a very unique miscellaneous by Steven G. Farrell entitlled "Farrell's Irish Papers." Farrell, who is a Professor of Speech Communication at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina, expertise is in subject of the depiction of the Irish and the Irish American on film and in popular culture FARRELL'S IRISH PAPERS includes five essays, two short stories, two reviews and one full-length stage play.

The two most important essays are "Mickey Machine Gun is Back! The Return of the Irish-American Gangster to the Silver Screen" and "Galloping Gallagher Deserves the Gallows! The irish Rogue on Film." These two works were formally inducted into the Irish Film Archives in Dublin, Ireland in March of 2009, and they have received multiple publications. Farrell examines the real life exploits and adentures of Irish bad men and how they are presented in feature-length films. It is a delight pouring over the histrocal accuracies and inaccuracies of movies going as far back as James Cagney in PUBLIC ENEMY (1931) and as recent as Jack Nicholson in THE DEPARTED (2007).

Professor Farrell appeared eager to include the Irish-American ladies in his work with the wonderful essay entitled "Molly, Nellie, Anne and Mother! Four Irish-American Hellcats." For the first time in the discipline of Irish-American stdies a scholar has focused on the combined public careers of Molly Brown, Nellie Bly, Anne Sullivan and Mother Jones and their influences about American popular culture during the Victorian Age.

The grand finale of "Farrell's Irish Papers" is BOSTON KNUCKLES, a stage play based upon the boxing career of John L. Sullivan, America's first heavyweight boxing champion. Farrell makes a good case for the naughty John L as being America's first popular cuilture as well as it's first media bad boy.

FARRELL'S IRISH PAPERS by Steven G. Farrell is a must read for all readers interested in Irish Americana.

By George Miller

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