The Cafe Buzz Logo

The Buzz About the Cafe Buzz Logo


The logo for the Cafe Buzz is an original graphic designed by Louise Owen exclusively for the Celtic Café. The design is inspired by a “Beardpullers” motif from the Book of Kells, shown here in a drawing by the late, great George Bain, whose mastery of Celtic interlace design techniques has served as a starting point for much of the current generation of artists working in the tradition.


The original illumination in the Book of Kells, from which this redaction was taken, was only 23 mm by 10 mm (0.9 by 0.4 inches). That's smaller than this image on your computer screen.

Cafe Buzz

Scholars believe the Book of Kells was created around 800 AD, long before coffee was brought to Ireland, so this graphic could not have existed then. Lack of sufficient caffeine probably contributed to the Dark Ages and the Viking incursions, and the discovery of coffee was instrumental in nurturing the vibrant Celtic arts scene we enjoy today.


It’s probably how John Carey accomplishes those amazing leaps. Enjoy.