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Welcome to the Dance section of the Celtic Café, where you'll meet some of the best practitioners of an art form that has captivated audiences all around the world!

Dance Shows

Celtic Tiger Michael Flatley's newest triumph
Gaelforce Dance 2007 update!
Dance of Desire Full coverage of the Ceol Chiarraí production
Irish Dance Invasion Stephen Scariff's innovative production from Budapest
Trinity Irish Dance Company Two young dancers get their moment with "Trinity for a Day"
Noctu Breandán de Gallaí’s new dance show


Michael Flatley Our extensive coverage of the world's most famous Irish dancer
Jean Butler The Master Class DVD by the first lady of Riverdance
John Carey 'Air Carey' of Realta and Lord of the Dance
James Devine Guinness World Record Holder for tapping speed since 1998
Susan Ginnety Dance Captain for Riverdance Avoca
Joel Hanna The fiery lead of Fire of Dance
Darren Smith Principal dancer for the Trinity Irish Dance Company

Dance Shows on Tour

Current Tour Dates

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Other Prominent Figures

Dr. John Cullinane

The world’s leading authority on Irish dance history

Olive Hurley The extraordinary teacher behind the 'Step by Step' videos
Loraine Ritchey Highland Dance - the 'bridesmaid' to Irish dance

Dance and Dancers: Older features from our archives

Breándan de Gallaí Lead dancer for Riverdance Liffey
Joanne Doyle "Life With Dance" from the Riverdance leading lady
Colin Dunne Star of Riverdance and co-creator of Dancing on Dangerous Ground
Aisling Holly Creator of Rhythm of the Dance
Fire of Dance review by Linda Brongers, 2002
Gaelforce Dance includes a video review by James Stevens, 2000
Legend of the Knight Bryan Carr and the Nolan School, 2002
Needfire report by Brendan Landers, 1998
Rhythm of the Dance review by Linda Brongers, 2001
To Dance on the Moon report by Ellen Eggink, 2001

Irish Dance Links

Ann's Place

Irish dance history from Ann Robinson

The History of Irish Dance courtesy of Ireland's Eye
Set Dancing News Bill Lynch's website for Irish set dancers

Highland Dance Links

Loraine Ritchey

Loraine's "Highland Highlights"

Scottish Dance Net Highland and Scottish step-dance resource pages


As you can see, we have plenty of room for more links. Please let us know if you have a good resource to recommend!