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Show Title Latest Update
A Taste of Ireland Jun 05, 2019
An Irish Christmas Nov 07, 2019
Celtic Legends Sep 30, 2019
Celtic Steps Oct 20, 2019
Dance Masters! Nov 07, 2019
Gaelforce Dance Mar 21, 2019
Heartbeat of Home Oct 17, 2019
Irish Celtic Sep 30, 2019
Lord of the Dance Dec 06, 2019
Magic of the Dance Feb 28, 2019
Murphy's Celtic Legacy Apr 03, 2019
Ragús - The Show Oct 06, 2019
Rhythm in the Night Mar 18, 2018
Rhythm of the Dance Nov 07, 2019
Riverdance Barrow Company Nov 13, 2019
Riverdance Shannon Company Nov 21, 2019
Spirit of the Dance Nov 21, 2019